Steel is the name given to alloys of iron (Fe) and carbon (C) in which the carbon content in solid solution in the iron is below 2.1%. Therefore, there is not just one type of steel but many different plates of steel.

Both iron and carbon are found in high proportions in the earth’s crust, making steel a highly available material.

However, the high technology used in its manufacturing process makes steel a strategic material and many countries are not able to produce certain qualities.

Why this strange value? When there is more carbon, it is no longer embedded in the structure of the atomic lattice of iron but is partially segregated, forming what are called iron castings.

Its plasticity makes it possible to obtain parts of complex geometric shapes with relative ease, and the experience accumulated in its use makes it possible to predict its behavior, reducing design costs and time to market.

Since steel is highly refined iron (more than 98%), its manufacture begins with the reduction of iron (production of pig iron) which is later converted into steel.

Pure iron is one of the elements of steel and therefore consists of only one type of atom. It is not found free as it chemically reacts easily with oxygen in the air to form iron oxide – rust. Rust is found in significant quantities in iron ore, which is a concentration of iron oxide with impurities and iron materials.

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