To talk about Mexico and the steel industry is to talk about the Steel for Sale in Mexico since it is the 14th country in the world, as a steel producer; but the growth and strength of this steel industry were not always the most buoyant.

Currently, talking about the Mexican economy is equivalent to mentioning the importance of its steel industry, and the sale of steel in Mexico since 2016 its production strength has been increasing. According to CANACERO figures, the annual production of this material reports 19.9 million tons.

By exploiting its domestic production, Mexico and its inhabitants receive numerous economic, political, and social benefits, such as:

Steel production represents 2.2% of the gross national domestic product and thanks to this in the steel industry, 120,000 direct jobs, and 600,000 indirect jobs are generated per year.

-Sale of steel in large quantities
-1.13% of the steel distributed in the international market is produced in Mexico.
-Mexico is the 14th largest steel producer in the world.
-Domestic production is between 19 and 20 million tons.
-82% of steel is produced in Coahuila, Michoacán, Nuevo León, Guanajuato, and Veracruz.

The challenge of the steel industry in Mexico is great, but it is an industry that promises good dividends since its growth can and will undoubtedly benefit many people and generate necessary jobs for the country.

The sale of steel in Mexico is currently transformed into cold-rolled sheets used in the automotive industry and the production of household appliances. Steel is also sold in Mexico as tinplate, which is a low-carbon steel sheet used in the manufacture of cans for food packaging. The chrome-plated sheet is another steel product used in the manufacture of cork cans.

The companies in charge of selling steel in Mexico, have been in charge of processing and commercializing steel products that guarantee to be the best alternative for our customers in terms of quality, service, and price, through the development of our people and infrastructure achieving the profitability expectations of the shareholders, for these the benefit of the community and the respect to the environment is very important.

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