Monterrey steel companies, together with the Mexican steel industry, whose investment is almost 15 billion dollars, are one of the most important in the world, producing 1.13% of the world’s steel and 27.7% in Latin America.

The steel industry has a tradition of more than 100 years in Mexico. In Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, the Fundidora de Fierro y Acero, born in 1900, marked a milestone for the development of the industrially-oriented entity it became.

Mexico ranked 15th in steel production worldwide in 2020, and exports finished products to more than 10 countries, according to information provided by the National Chamber of the Iron and Steel Industry (CANACERO).

According to CANACERO, Monterrey steel is mainly used in the construction industry, which accounts for 57.8%, followed by the automotive sector, which consumed 16.4% of total production in 2020, followed by mechanical machinery, with 12.4%, metal products with 6.6% and other transportation equipment with 3.2 percent.

In 2018, Mexico exported 3.537 billion dollars in products associated with iron and steel casting, registering an increase of 38.9% over the previous year.

However, due to the tariffs imposed by the United States, several steel mills based in the country reduced their exports to steel companies in Monterrey, the northern neighbor, while the entry of iron products from there increased.

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